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I’ve seen Alex Cruz speak at several industry conferences, summits etc and he’s very engaging, sharp and knowledgable. I had the chance to chat with him briefly and he was actually quite amiable.

Whether, like Alan Joyce (the ex CEO of Jetstar) did at Qantas, he tries to inject [further] LCC strategy into BA is yet to be seen.

The reality is that all full service carriers (perhaps with the exception of the Mid East Big 3) have no choice but to tighten their purse strings by reducing costs and trying to extract every last cent of value from their business – most of which operate at very tight margins.

Meanwhile our expectations continue to grow as competition raises the bar in terms of onboard products as well as those on the ground – all of which require enormous capital expenditure.

Hopefully Alex Cruz will inject some of the personaility and creativity BA needs without losing sight of the bottom line.