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Dare I say it, but the solution is to give everyone a bit more leg room then no-one would have to bag the emergency row. Of course it would mean paying a bit more as you’d lose one or two rows but I’d be happy to do that.

I find some airlines economy seating almost a case of cruelty and if an animal you’d not be allowed to transport then like that. On a recent Kulula flight I saw it was possible to reserve seats with extra legroom. What i didn’t realise was that to create those rows with the extra room they’d reduce the legroom for everyone else! Consequently my legs were jammed against the seat in front of me (row 3) and the (probably) size 12 lady next to me couldn’t even lower her tray.

I think governments should mandate a certain minimum amount of legroom thus all airlines would have to comply and while it may add 10% to the fare I think it would be worth it from both a comfort and safety point of view.