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Flew from LHR to ATL today, BA First. A very odd experience.

No hot towel service
Food the same as I ate in CW 2 weeks ago….exactly the same including the afternnoon tea of sandwiches and scones.
No choice of meal time offered…it just arrived, I was working and didn’t expect it….
Toilet had no soap…I needed to ask for it
No welcome from CSD even though I was seated in First.
Cabin crew completely absent for almost 4 hours after clearing lunch/dinner. I got up to get my own water, twice….
The cabin was ‘blacked out’ immediately after lunch and remained so until ‘afternoon tea’ was served – it was a daytime flight leaving LHR at 14.30…….

A completely bizarre experience.

In the CCR in Term 5 pre-flight.
No Spa treatments available despite my trying 4 weeks ago.
No cabana available for a 4 hour lay in LHR.
2 hour wait for a shower.

In complete contrast to my First with LH a few weeks ago ORD to FRA which was quite extraordinary in so many ways.

And, no, I can’t always choose my airline, sometimes the choice is made for me.

Perhaps it’s time BA introduced ‘mystery shoppers’ so they can find out the reality of what’s happening to “The world’s favourite airline”…..