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Thanks, ES. Treating the BA CCR, LH FRA, QR DOH and T4 lounges as exceptions to the general rule, though, I think that is a real advantage of oneworld. Certainly in my part of the world there are many F lounges which are streets ahead of the J alternatives.

More significantly, though – unless I am missing something fairly obvious – the huge difference is one level down. It appears silver level in Star doesn’t offer any lounge access across the network. In fact if this page: is to be believed, the only cross-alliance benefits are priority waitlisting and standby. Of course one may get lounge access with one’s own carrier, but in terms of alliance benefits it seems terribly stingy. Oneworld’s equivalent also gives priority check-in, boarding and baggage handling (except the last on BA, for some reason), lounge access, pre-reserved seating and extra baggage. Even oneworld’s lowest level gives the same as Star silver, plus priority check-in