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Interesting change of cabin crew arrangements for AY’s Hong Kong and Singapore flights which are now crewed by Asia-sourced staff. This has been agreed with Finnair’s trade unions but does not apply to pilots who must be able to speak Finnish (as most people do in Mong Kok!!).

I have just come off a Hong Kong flight in Business and the crew were from Hong Kong and Korea. Maybe they are new and lack confidence but they were very BA Mixed Fleet, with poor attention to detail and only so-so engaged. The menu included a note about the snacks available during the night – I went looking for some fruit and found the galley deserted and hunted out the snacks – all cling-filmed on a shelf. Needless to say I helped myself. A few breakfasts were delivered incorrectly.

The route switches to an A350 sometime next year so that should make it worth the deviation!!