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Granted about BA and the no checked-in baggage/carry-on bags farrago about which I am about to attempt a correspondence with the wooden-eared at the Waterside – at the strong prompting of the CSD on our outstandingly good return CE flight FCO-LGW recently. I have never seen BA CC make such a bee-line for a “likely pair” of BAEC members in all my years. Apparently, BA CC are comprehensively sick and tired of having to hump bags and sort out near fisticuffs between pax when some are very clearly taking the proverbial – we’ve all seen what some pranksters think is reasonable to bring on board.

Actually, for leisure flights, there really is no need for flex tickets. If respective employers need Snr Mgt and myself back earlier, then they can pay for the privilege of p*ss*ing us both off.

I’ve seen the No. 1 lounge at LGW and, IMHO, there is no comparison and Galleries is a clear winner. Each to their own.