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@ SwissExPat – 20/01/2015 12:02 GMT

There was a somewhat heated BT discussion on the occasion of the closure of BA’s LGW Arrivals Lounge in the Sofitel hotel opposite – and what it foretold, with speculation that it was a prelude to a total BA withdrawal from LGW.

Either way, the Arrivals lounge closure was presumably a part of the overall programme of economies at LGW that has turned around the viability of BA’s operation there. Unless BA is planning on a serious increase in long-haul (leisure-oriented) services that would justify the restoration of such a facility, I rather doubt that there will be a new Arrivals lounge once the game of musical chairs has ended in November 2016. I dare say that in the eyes of the all-important BA bean-counters, the pax throughput and fares structure do not currently justify such a facility.