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flier74 – 25/06/2013 18:02 GMT

Correct me if I am wrong, but what some of you seem to forget is that it was not BAs rule or indeed any others British registered Airlines’ rule. It is (and luckily was by the 1st of July) a CAA rule. Trust me Cabin Crew on most Airlines do ot understand the rule themselves due to other Airlines deal with it differently or regarded as as outdated, but they are all non UK based carriers. LH is very strict about it actually. However if the Crew do not enforce the rule and a CAA inspector was to be onboard, that would have serious consequences for the Crew on the day.

You are not wrong at all. I personally could not care if pax switch their phone on straight after landing or the floor is not 100% clear by their feet in the Club Cabin etc etc. It is not a case of what I personally care about, it is about doing my job correctly. If a CAA Inspector is on board and see that I am ignoring their rulings, then it will be me, not them that has the problem. Do I agree with a lot of the rulings, do they sometimes seem petty, YES, but that is not my decision to make. So most Crew will adhere to whatever CAA tell us to do and not put our jobs on the line. Did I ever want to asked someone to switch their phone off – NO. Have I ever asked someone to switch their phone off YES. Do I enjoy ensuring the floor area in by your feet in First is clear – NO. Will I ensure it is clear (and the aggravation that often results in doing so) – YES

I do wish I was able to use common sense and that would be enough. How much easier and pleasant life would be for the Crew. You cannot imagine how much resentment Crew get from Pax regarding simple task like keeping the floor are clear, no bags at bulkheads etc. Some of the rules I agree with and understand the logic and some I don’t. The CAA do not allow us to use commons sense. If they have a ruling, it has to be followed without question, or risk the consequences.

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