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AnthonyDunn – 19/06/2013 00:52 GMT
I also wonder whether In order to obtain the kind of ratings achieved by Asia-Pacific and Gulf carriers, those who criticise BA would like to see all or most of the UK-based cabin crew at BA sacked and replaced with considerably more pliant, subservient and cheaper-to-employ Asian females?

As one who has openly (and some have suggested overly) criticised BA, I take exception to the above remark.

It makes no difference to me what nationality anyone in the service industry is, but if they choose to work in the service industry, they should pride themselves on offering the best level of service that they can.

In particular, if I have chosen to spend my cash on a high-value-premium product I would expect a premium level of service. Why should that concept be alien to a British employee but at an acceptable level for an Asian or Arabian employee? If I dine at Gordon Ramsay’s Royal Hospital Road, I expect a great level of service. If I dine at Big Jacks greasy spoon I do not. If I stay at The Savoy, I expect a great level of service, if I stay at Mrs Miggins Pie Shop with rooms, I do not.

If I pay BA more than it costs me to stay at The Savoy for a long weekend and eat at Petrus, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay and Ramsay at Claridges combined, why should I accept poor service? Because the team on-board can’t be bothered? Because they are there “primarily for my safety”? When was the last time you flew on an airline and interacted with the CC about safety?

I’m entirely unsure why the race of the flight-crew has any bearing on the level of service offered, my last flights to from KL was out with Malaysian and the nicest flight attendant I’ve had the pleasure of flying with, so nice that I went to the bother of emailing MAS and telling them so. My flight back aboard BA’s plane was staffed by a crew who couldn’t give a toss about my flying experience with them, if as you suggest I should put that down to the British being “less subservient” than their Asian/Arabian counterparts, so be it.

I put it down to poor training and even worse on-board and upper management.

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