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Sadly, Scott72, we didn’t. Confrontations on board are rarely pleasant, and when the conduct of the CC in question has been witnessed by other CC without them taking any action, one rather tends to conclude that a complaint is only going to result in even more attitude. Writing after the event consumes more emotional energy and rarely results in much other than a perfunctory expression of regret using standard wording which often misses much of the point of the original complaint. To give an example of this – my older daughter (still a minor) was recently delayed by more than 5 hours on a flight back from her boarding school in the UK to HK. At no point was she informed of the reason for the delay, how long it was likely to take, or of her rights under EU261. She wasn’t offered phone calls, food or, indeed, anything else. My initial complaint in relation to that – in which I pointed out that she was just 15 years old, travelling on her own, and although she wasn’t travelling UM I would rather have expected BA to take better care of her particularly considering her age – resulted in a half-hearted apology and an offer of some Avios if the had an Executive Club account. Since she was 15 – which as I said I had pointed out and dwelt on in my original complaint – she clearly couldn’t have had an EC account, so clearly the respondent either had not engaged their brain or was using a standard form letter. They offered 50 quid in shopping vouchers as an alternative. Whoop-di-doo…

All a bit sad, really, and just reinforces the view I express above that I much prefer knowing that I won’t face such issues on CX where the maximum standard may not be as high as it is with the best BA crew (and I do acknowledge, again, that the best BA crew are absolutely stellar), but the minimum standard is much, much higher and accordingly the consistency and predicability – knowing for absolute certain that you will receive an excellent premium service – on CX pushes me towards them over the BA lottery

I would add that with one or two exceptions from some time ago (some woman calling herself Ymelord springs to mind) I have found all the posts on here from self-confessed BA crew to be interesting, often insightful, and reflective of the fact that these posters clearly care deeply about the airline and the passengers that they serve, and your post seems to indicate that you are someone in the same mould. I wish you, rferguson, BACrew1 and others (apologies to those whose names I have omitted) could wear an “I post on BT” badge so we could recognise you on board!

Recollecting Ymelord’s posts prompted me to go back and look up one of the threads where she typified the issues of “attitude” I referred to above:

I have an unpleasant feeling she may have been on one of my flights!

EDITED TO ADD: If any BA crew readers are working on BA10 on 22 June or BA9 on 23 June, come and find me in 62K 🙂

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