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@ Hippocampus – 17/06/2013 17:12 GMT

Yes but only if suitably attired and properly trained in the art of cap doffing and forelock tugging surely….?

And developing on the theme, presumably the pie, mash’n’ale shop would come suitably decked out with spittoons and saw dust on the floor like the old pubs I once chanced upon in Hulme (south Manchester) where they only had one type of sherry and one type of wine….

And…. scrub IFE in cattle class and, besides the karaoke, what about BINGO?! I am sure that greater minds than mine could work through the linguistic nuances of translating Bingo calls….

This is starting to remind me of the old days of the railways with First and Third – was there ever a second class at the same time? Perhaps the doors down the side of the plane should be labelled First, second and third class?