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@ andystock – 17/06/2013 16:57 GMT

You are being hopelessly practical. The next thing is you will be accused of knowing what you’re talking about… 🙂

Seriously, it should not be beyond the wit of BA to source collections of tinnies with some classic British ales: Spitfire (Shepherd & Neame), London Pride (Fullers), 6X (Wadworth’s), Abbott (Greene King) – and there are countless many more excellent ales (and, ahem, lagers) readily available in cans. Alternatively, if you can get wine in BiBs (bottles in a bag), then why not beer? It’s lighter than either cans or glass and keeps because the bag contracts as the contents are emptied.

Harry Ramsdens was certainly able to ship their fish’n’chips to their franchisees around t’world so why not for BA? Pimms also in cans and THE best smoked trout (salmon, venison) etc from Pinney’s of Orford comes vacuum packed. For those of you who’ve never tried it: if it’s your last meal, get some. (NB: I’ve no commercial relationship with them in any way).