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@ AllOverTheGaff – 17/06/2013 16:35 GMT

LOL! Love the phone box idea…. preferably after the fish’n’chips washed down with a pint or three.

@ Ian_from_HKG – 17/06/2013 15:40 GMT

Well if the C/C are to dress up like Jeeves, then presumably it’s going to be obligatory spats, brillcreme and black tie for dinner. But (another thread) those were the glory days of Imperial Airways and their flying boats….

From a previous trip through T5, I was much taken with the Pimms bar. Surely BA could have a smoked trout/salmon/caviar and Pimms gallery on the top deck of the A380 with an ale, pie’n’mash shop on the lower deck for me and my fellow proles? Add in a suspended rotating silver ball at the back with a karaoke dias and the hen/stag party brigade will be well served.