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I am shortly about to book flights to DXB in late September, but this raft of flight cancellations to DXB has got me wondering whether I can take a chance with BA, since I really do not want to be delayed by a day, or so, at either end of the trip.

Is this normal for an airline such as BA to cancel this many flights a week to one destination, or is there a particular issue with this route at this time of the year?

Emirates with 6 odd flights a day and the A380 looks to be the beneficiary of my ‘hard earned’, since at the moment, it seems impossible to rely on BA to run the 2 flights a day.

Do any of the BA insiders on the forum, or regular DXB travellers have any idea what is going on here?

My understanding, is that despite this being the low season for DXB the BA flights are pretty busy.