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What I mention is the poor maintenance which has become part of the industry. Faults which are classified as “can wait”, “not urgent” like lighting, IFE, seats, dirt, one out of many toilet not working and such.

But if it all ads up, finally the plane is not really worthy to fly, although formally still “airworthy”. The active time of a plane must be as high as possible, the downtime as low as possible..thus a lot of small repairs are just not done.
And this does not affest BA alone. BA just seems to be hit harder in the last weeks.
Since I sguttled on some routes in earlier years, a plane I flew out of BKK to FRA had a nonfunctioning seat moto in F. Two weeks later, same plane, same route, same problem. You understand what I mean?
Nothing really substantial…but it shatters the image of an airline and the produt itself.