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Let’s just agree to disagree on the staggered-1-2-1 vs. 8-across, can we? For what it’s worth I think Bucksnet’s views are well-explained and understandable. I also entirely see why some people argue that EK is 1-2-1, and have pointed out before that if BA gave different row numbers to their forward-facing and backward-facing seats (on the basis that row numbers should refer to where peoples’ shoulders are, which equates to EK’s approach if you think about it), then they could argue that they have an alternating 1-1-1-1 / 1-2-1 configuration. Ultimately, so what?

The reality is that many airlines are moving to a configuration where one person’s seat will partially overlap with their neighbour’s. You could say the same of CX’s new seat, and I haven’t heard anyone try to argue that that is anything other than 1-2-1, but the reality is each seat overlaps with the seats in front and behind.

So really, we are getting bogged down in semantics, and seeing a teensy bit of antagonism along the way – and I hope we all want to avoid that happening again now that so much of the vitriol has disappeared from the forum. Let’s agree to disagree, and move on. Please.