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I think you make a good point AhMrBond…

I’m happy to admit that I’ve been extremely pro-BA for a long time and has Hermes1964 above mentions, there is a desire to “want” to believe in your national airline and fall back on the historic way it used to be innovative & ground-breaking.

I’ve flown in BA’s C & F enough times now to feel a right to comment. Old First, is a disgrace. I had the misfortune to pick up a dinosaur of a 747 on a LHR-LAX flight a few months ago. It was so old the crew were not only embarrassed to be on it, but some of them didn’t know how things worked. I had to take photos of burst seating, torn fabrics. The only saving grace was i’d burned Avios for this. If i’d paid for it, I would have been furious. Its got to the stage that if there is the slightest chance that a plane with have O/F on it, i’ll go Club World.

Which brings me to New First… which in itself is an embarrassing name. Sure it was new… what 5 years ago.. I remember doing a product test of NF in a warehouse at Heathrow in 2008!! – The fact there are BA aircraft without this, still in the air is shocking. That said, I don’t hold with any of this B/S about it being to cramped. yes ok there are more seats in the nose of a 747 than with other airline’s F product, but please.. if you’re that precious about it, charter a jet!.

The really alarming issue is that AA’s new product looks stunning and the 3 American friends I have, who have flown BA N/F seem bewildered and think that N/F is just a “nice business class”.. Judging by AA’s flagship suites, I can see why.

But its not just the new products – I mean there will always be something newer or better.. EK A380 suites are incredible and much as VK hates me banging on about this, I think the shower spas are gorgeous, and not a gimmick as he seems to think. Once you’ve had a shower at 38,000 feet, you will sneer at the waste of space QS,AF & BA have made of their A380 front upper deck “side spaces”.. BA in particular have made themselves look decidedly the opposite of innovative with their bland “same old” seating for this too. What a waste of a golden opportunity.

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