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Why do people keep pointing out that BA enjoys an enviable position at LHR, really it astounds me, welcome to the world, any airline at their home base will enjoy playing at home, that is no different to anywhere else in the world, indeed the USA enjoy an advantage over the UK, not least with the Chapter 11 shield they can hide behind.

But, what I think concerns me more than anything, is the anti everything BA Brigade, I would not dream of flying to the far east on a middle east carrier, having to change aircraft at 2:30am in the morning or some similar time

What also causes me concern, is that the BA Bashers, the usual suspects who accuse VK of everything from being WW’s right hand man, to being everything BA, are without any doubt whatsoever, everything ANTI BA, they are so vitriolic, rude and objectionable in their post’s, i am surprised the Forum is still operating, it’s all well and reasonable to have a view on a subject, but it is not unreasonable to expect that, that view is put forward in a reasonble manner, but unfortunately from the usual suspects, that is to much to expect.

I think it fair to point out that AOTG has posted some threads that have been reasonably informative, but I also think he has posted some very contentious post’s, which were very agressive and personal, which should have no place on this forum.

I do wonder, as I am sure many others must do so as well, as to why BT tollerate such rudeness and vitriol, I sincerly hope it is not for the headline.

VK has been the target of the Anti BA brigade, accused of posting under other handles, I have not seen any post’s which I have suspected that, but over the past 5 or 6 years I have been looking at this site I have seen many posters, whom I think are posting under different handles, all akin to the usual suspects.


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