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The fact is BA will not raise its game whilst LHR remains constrained as they have absolutely no need to do so. Between fortress LHR and the AA and IB cartels, what is the business reason for changing?

They have an enviable (some might argue – unmatched FFP in the UK) adequate products and pretty solid corporate passenger base in the most affluent geographical area of Europe. What is the business case for change? Why invest in products that are already full – be it clapped out First or crampon Club World! They have slots a plenty to play with and can grow their business once new aircraft arrive, albeit with tired and aging hard products.

Whenever they have space they simply launch a further sale attracting transfer from the EU with Avios giveaways the like of which UK passengers can only dream.

The lack of incentive is what I find depressing and for the foreseeable future it is difficult to see what the driver for change could be.
Of course I wish it were not so.