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Bucksnet – 13/06/2013 17:10 GMT
So I take it you have never flown the new AA seat, and your comments on it are based solely on photos. Very well.


I know some will jump up and down about personal attacks and all that – but if the shoe fits –

I think you might want to let your wee photo bone have a rest eh? You’ve been slavering at the keyboard for months now…..and on around 8 threads…(see the irony there?)

Here’s the difference between you and I. If ten or so posters on here were to explain, calmly, and with authority that they have flown AA and in actual fact the seating is terrible, the bed is uncomfortable and that the food is dire, I wouldn’t then jump up and down like a petulant little schoolgirl shouting “NO IT ISN’T, I’M LOOKING A PHOTO RIGHT NOW AND IT IS THE BEST EVER” ad nauseam.

I hope that helps you understand but I am not confident that it will.