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Their, not there.

I don’t think 1A/K is the best seat in F, for a number of reasons, but happy for others to believe it is, so I can stick with rows 2 and 3. K side always better to avoid bright sun on Transatlantics. It is allocated to Golds only, but is of course subject to availability; anyone can reserve it at T-24 if it hasn’t yet been allocated. 1A/K is blocked for non-Golds outside T-24.

The list BA have provided above is somewhat misleading, as two elements of that are only available to Gold card holders who have achieved additional TPs over and above standard Gold:

•Two free ‘Gold Upgrade for Two’ vouchers to the next cabin
•A Silver partner card for a friend or family member

Use of “v-class” is also somewhat misleading as few normals would understand that means economy seats, which of course is not (usually) great value for a redemption.