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Hello rferguson

Having discussed BA with you before in a calm and logical manner, it is clear this forum can actually have a reasoned debate about all things BA, and as there is a large UK populous on BT it is no wonder that it is a frequent topic of conversation. For what it is worth, I agree with you that there are 2 camps, in fairness my own opinion is that a BA thread always seems to bring out the worst in people. It is a “thing” on the board, and something which I have commented on an awful lot recently, I do appreciate there are those who don’t like BA who also have a tendency to opine what they see as “all that is wrong”, and credit to you that you are a BA employee with a vested interest, yet you can calmly discuss the airline.

Oh, to get it out of the way – I have no affiliation whatsoever with any airline. Never have. Nor is my business affiliated with an airline in any capacity.

That you cite BA as an “all-right” airline is fair, entirely. They are indeed “OK” at what they do. And if all you want from an airline is “OK”, then there is nothing wrong with BA. One of their recognised strengths is their frequent flyer programme which I benefited from earlier this year, I don’t think anyone would claim otherwise, I do fear that this “golden key” as I’ve phrased it before will only be worthy for so long.

Their old aircraft and seating, to me, is a big issue, as I am stating on another thread. It is why I’ve now chosen to no longer fly with them, the reasons for this are simple: There are better airlines, with a more modern product, at more competitive pricing tempting me to spend my money with them. Now, you BA lovers might see this as a personal attack on your own choice to fly with British Airways, it is not, it is simply my own reasons for flying with other airlines.

Whatever long-haul route I have to fly, I always have to connect as I am in EDI. Whilst it is only a 1.5/2.0 hour connect makes no difference to me, it is a pain but one I must endure. So, I care not whether I connect in LHR, EWR or DXB, the process is exactly the same – deplane, sit in lounge, wait for next plane. With that in mind, it is actually a whole lot easier for me to not fly with BA. Were I based in London with the direct flights BA have to offer I daresay the direct option BA could offer me would see a different stance from me, but as it is, BA have very little to tempt me back.

We spoke about this the last time we had an exchange on BA, if they were to up their game in other areas they’d perhaps see more loyalty. I’m thinking specifically food, service and lounge experience, alas they are not doing so and continuing with what I do consider a very old fashioned on-board seating arrangement – some of which past its sell-by date many many flights ago. These opinions are mines which I share with you for the benefit of the discussion, not to “bash BA”, and they are my own observations based on flying with the airline as recently as March. (Isn’t it a shame one has to qualify any negative comment? Nevermind)

I am not sure your comment about “it is working” is fair, the last passenger numbers I can get from IAG shows a decline – what of the past 3-years from 2010 to 2013? I struggle to accept that their loss of Qantas as a partner and the aggressive expansion of EK have had no effect.

In December 2010 traffic, measured in Revenue Passenger Kilometres, fell by 8.3 per cent. Passenger capacity, measured in Available Seat Kilometres, was down 7.7 per cent on December 2009. This resulted in a passenger load factor decrease of 0.4 points versus last year, to 76.4 per cent.

Never say never as the old cliché goes, I might very well end up long haul on BA again if the price was right, (CW NOT First) and my expectation would be low, don’t you think it is a shame that I, and others, have such low expectations of what used to be a real innovator? Perhaps if BA had taken this chance with the launch of the A380 and 787 to make a bigger splash with some exciting product I would have booked with them to come back from LAX later in the year, as it is I, with what seems to be quite a few others have no real interest in flying the A380 as there isn’t anything new on board.

Anyone who sees these launches as anything other than an opportunity missed must not see the reality of what other airlines offer by way of exciting product on-board.


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