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Hey Canucklad,

No details other than that the 787 will do a ‘UK tour’ have been released. So not sure whether it will be in the guise of replacing the 767 on random domestic flights or just operating ad hoc for a promotional basis. We (the cabin crew) are being sent down to Manston in Kent to do the aircraft visit part of our training course which is also where the pilots are doing their take off and landing training. So perhaps it will just be return promotional flights from there? I’m not sure.

The 787 will have 8 crew onboard. Four working in CW (including the CSD) and four serving World Traveller/WTP. There will be some product changes on the 787, mainly small tweaks to start with. For example there will be less of a trolley presence in CW with more of the service hand run. Drink orders will be taken, prepared in the galley and then delivered individually. And ALL the ovens onboard are steam ovens like currently found in F so hopefully that will help in the quality of food preparation.

Just slightly OT (or I should say ON topic as it has dominated most of this thread lol) something that has always amazed me since I joined BA (and as viewed in the BT Forum) is the love/hate appeal it tends to have on people. Yes, there are people on this forum who will blindly defend BA, promote it. Shout from the top of a mountain ‘BA is THE BEST and can do no wrong’. ‘Qatar?? Emirates?? Tsk tsk. For the chavs!’ But equally, there is a contingent that simply detest BA and will take whatever opportunity they can to slag it off. BA can do NO right. They are dreadful, the very worst in the world. Down there with Turkmenistan Airlines.

I’ve never really understood either of these ways of thinking. To me, BA has always been a pretty middle of the road airline. On par with most of the western world airlines, slightly ahead of some, slightly behind some others. Market leader and innovator? No, not for some time. Has always taken wise business decisions? Definitely not. The most wonderful F/J product in the world? We all know the answer to that one…..

But by the same token, I do not consider BA to have a ‘dreadful’ product. And I don’t consider it ‘vastly outdated’. There are areas that need massive improvements – aircraft presentation, catering, lounges to a degree. And the seat is very much down to personal preference. When I fly solo I love that closed in/isolated feeling of the window seats. Others will find it confined and claustrophobic. I get that. When travelling with my partner I love the two middle seats facing backwards. For me there is no match in terms of privacy. Other balk at the idea of having to step over feet to get out and feeling ‘trapped’. I get that too.

But for all of those who question why BA didn’t come up with a new product in J or F for the A380/787 there is a very simple answer. Because the current one works. It remains popular. And with BA linking the financial centre of London to other major centres of the world they have no problem filling the seats at a decent yield. And by sticking with the same seat and the same configuration they can get more seats into the same area. Simple.

A lot of people DON’T like this seat. Some have gone to other airlines. But the point I alluded to earlier in this thread applies to this case also. The ££ value of people that leave BA to fly indrectly via the Gulf for example is still less than the ££ BA would lose by removing seats to accommodate a more roomy environment. This is the stark reality.

With the American carriers vastly improving their F and J products, this could be the tipping point that will get BA on the defensive again. As others have mentioned, AA’s new J product is superb. But it is only on a couple aircraft (so far), their other J class longhaul seat is dreadful and the revenue across the atlantic is shared in a pre-agreed ration between BA/AA/IB anyway. But if we see the likes of Delta and UA installing similar seats on their transatlantic flights, that is when BA will become worried. They do NOT want to lose the transatlantic business segment to competitors that are offering a superior product and non-stop flights from London.

Personally, I think certain people on here should reveal whether they have any link with the airline they are promoting or defending. That’s just my opinion. Whether it be BA or other airline. There is obviously no requirement but I think it would help with some posters credibility. For example it is widely known that the likes of myself and BAcrew1 are BA employees. So people can take that into consideration when they read our posts. LeTigre has revealed to all he works for Virgin. So again, there is no questioning his intentions.

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