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craigwatson – 13/06/2013 11:17 GMT
Sorry I will have to have my 2 cents worth here as well. The problem is he is one poster, He may post some inane comment, but that is easy to skip over, but then there are 5 or 6 others who will then run with bashing and THAT is what destroys the thread.

Hello Craig

I’m not sure if you are deliberately missing the point I make simply to engage in an argument, or if in fact you don’t see what those objecting see, but I am happy to continue from where I left off.

Krugs post rate sits at some 7500 posts. He is indeed one man, nevertheless, he posts more than every single objector combined by a factor of about 2 to 1. So, those who you find more “boring”, “repetitive” etc on this and other threads, if you added our entire post rate up you’d find it comes to around 50% of what Krug posts over the entire forum and not limited to specifically 4 or 5 subjects.

Your assertion that the 4 or 5 objectors “ruin the thread” is only prevalent on around 4 or 5 individual subjects, and subjects that once you’ve seen are not to your liking you can cease reading, as I do with some threads that bore me – the EK 8 across saga from the last time it was brought up (a few months back) was some of the most mind-numbing nonsense I’ve read on here (excluding Krug) so I chose to not read it. If these 4 or 5 threads bother you all so much, and much like you are advising the objectors, simply don’t read it. Ignore it. Move on…etc…etc.

The thing we mostly all agree on is that Krug thrives on attention, which is why he posts the crap he does, that some of us take exception to it is in fact valid, like you are at liberty to complain that you find our holding Krug to account not to your liking, so we are at liberty to complain when we find Krugs crap unpalatable.

That you and other choose to ignore Krugs-Crap I have no issue with, but if you find our objections so bothersome, you should perhaps heed your own profferings.


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