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Ian_from_HKG – 13/06/2013 06:18 GMT

Hi Ian

Firstly, nice to see you back on the forum, whilst I might be relatively new to the BT forum, I find you, along with many others, have a great deal to contribute to this board.

Your points are indeed well made, and that Krug will be all a quiver at the levels of attention he is receiving, I genuinely acknowledge and for what it is worth, 100% agree with you.

My gripe with your post, along with the others who come out to tell those who’ve taken exception to the crap (and I use the word advisedly) he posts to “grow up” / “ignore him” and the other pointed remarks is as follows: Why should the rest of the forum simply put up with his incessant idiocy? Why should the others on the forum, who have a genuine desire to chat in a mature and sensible fashion not be allowed to have their say on what they see as a degradation of the quality of chat and topics.

I don’t know if others miss the point, or if it is just being obtuse, but where / when are you complaining about the endless thread bumping from subjects 3 or 4 years ago? When do you step in and say “enough Krug, you are talking crap”? And to the “just ignore him” brigade, it is nigh on impossible to do so, have you seen his post rate? If you added EVERY single objector over the past week or so together, their post count would be about half of Krugs, and that’s just his own posts, we all know he posts other different guises.

Ian, I try my utmost to ignore him, for the very reasons you state, this forum spends as much time (perhaps more) talking about him and his annoyance as we do chatting about travel. His trolling should be stopped, and it fails me entirely why when we’re preached at to “ignore him” that you, and the others on this and other threads who bitch and moan about some of the participants taking exception to him can’t follow your own advice and simply ignore our “bitching” as you like to call it.

Forums are an exchange of ideas, discussion boards, places to interact, they should not be allowed to be dominated by an expert troll, yet this one is – and has been for a long time – it is this which I find most displeasing and I think I can speak for the majority of those taking exception that they feel the same way.


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