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BA744fan – 11/06/2013 07:34 GMT

FYI, BA’s average fleet age is 13.4 years, whilst Lufthansa’s is 12.6 years.

Both airlines have ‘mature’ fleets, but Lufthansa chooses to invest more in maintaining the interiors and thus it is difficult to deduce the age from the condition of the cabin.


LH has 39 x B737, average age 22.1 years

BA has 19 x B737, average age 20.7 years

In B737 fleet mean age ranking, BA is #93 and LH is #125.

Which fleet do you think has interiors in the best condition?

It is an investment decision, not a fleet age factor. I would assume that BA and LH aircraft are maintained to a very similar condition in any area that is safety related.