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SimonS1, I understand what you’re saying, but 2-4-2 is staggered 1-2-1.

Let’s forget BA for a moment because it’s ying/yang, and take the 6 across of Qantas for the sake of argument. There are 6 seats across one row, and then behind them there are another 6 seats across and so on. The first seat of the row is by the window, and directly next to it is another seat in exactly the same longitudinal position. This is fine to sit in, but when fully extended those in the window seats have to climb over the aisle seat. Making the pitch bigger to allow access at the end of the flat bed would be a waste of precious space.

The Emirates approach is to go for 8 seats across, but to ‘push’ alternating lines of seats back about half a seat length. This creates direct aisle access, both for those by the windows and those in the middle. I agree this is a clever layout, especially combined with EK only giving half the row letters to one row, and the other half to the next.

I can see how other posters view this layout, and I can respond without using the bad natured language we have seen before.