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BA744fan – 08/06/2013 07:52 GMT
So many people on BT are BA bashers, yet continue to fly them. Very strange when you consider there are alternatives on most, if not all of BA’s routes.

The posters on here who choose not to fly BA as their first choice airline do so because there are considerably better airlines flying, unfortunately because of BA’s dominant position with routes from LHR, often us more informed travellers, whom you refer to as ba bashers have no choice but to fly on BA planes with overcrowded lounges, the world’s worst airport hub, crappy food, shoddy service and 1970’s style first class cabins. In fairness to BA, you can get decent prices on some routes if you wait for their DFS type sales which happen every other week.

To answer the question about upper or lower on A380, for the novelty factor I’d do upstairs, I did so on Qantas first time I flew an A380 (some 4 years ago now) but was downstairs on Malaysian…once you are on board, as someone else mentions, it will become just another plane with stupid seating that you have to climb over people.

Enjoy! 🙂

PS I’m on Emirates A380 in Sept with the bar/shower/awesome seating….that I am looking forward to!