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Everything you have described @pdtraveller 15:50 is symptomatic of a company with low moral and no motivation. Gone are the days when loyalty, pride, quid-pro quo from being well led in an aspirational company meant that staff would go the extra-mile to help out their company when called upon.

Recently calls for all hands to the pump whether it is caused by snow, volcanoes, emergency landing backlogs etc have gone relatively unanswered as they see a bullying leadership merely taking, taking, and asking for more whilst lining their own pockets in the process. The goodwill account is empty. Morale is in the doldrums, and no one is inspired by a leadership who prefers a stick/threat and divide approach to building respect based and valued team dynamic.

People will still perform as a matter of professionalism and personal pride though they are no longer prepared to go the extra mile.