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MartynSinclair – 06/06/2013 07:08 GMT

I am not an engineer, so do not know how difficult it would be to fit a sensor to cowls, so my opinion is based purely on the number of incidents that have occured and regulators desire to try to eliminate risks.

There are procedures in place to ensure cowls are latched closed before departure, but we still have over 30 occurences, so I am unsure if this can be categorised as a ‘basic error’ or a repeating system failure, which is surely the concern?

WRT to the latch position, they work as ‘hooks and eyes’ across the bottom joint and it is not easy for me to visualise how this could be changed in practice. I think you mentioned Gulstreams earlier, I am not familiar with that manufacturer and wonder how does access to the engines work with the GIII/IV/V?

I have edited this post to add a link you may find interesting

As you can see, the latches have three configurations, two of which would allow detachment and in the example aircraft, have been painted orange to increase visibility.