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BA are heading for a PR disaster by trying to wrangle out of paying compensation. Imo, there is a fair chance they would lose the final decision in the European Courts anyway. By dragging it out for months/years there will be a continual drip of bad publicity and bad feeling for thousands (mostly BA pax) for a long while. Is it worth it?

It is now obvious the cause was not a natural disaster, it was unfortunate human error where BA are front and centre culpable. Thank goodness there were no serious injuries let alone fatalities – which had been the case in a previous similar incident.

BA’s behaviour further demonstrates that having such a well protected, dominant position at LHR means they merely rest on their laurels. Slot constrained LHR guarantees BA custom, so neither ethics nor loyalty to their customers are a priority. Shame.–321660/

Their best course of action is to provide compensation post haste, endeavour to rebuild much needed customer loyalty and remove the spotlight from the questionable safety aspects.