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“The BA business lie flat product looks better but my other half is concerned that the centre ‘couple’ seats are to claustrophobic and you need to step over someones feet/legs to get out if required
And the window/aisle seats mean that as a couple it becomes unfeasible to have a normal conversation together and if you are on the window side then yet again may feel claustrophobic not having aisle access.”

I have travelled with my partner a number of times and seated in the window/aisle seats has never been an issue in terms of communication. With the screen down, you are looking directly at each other and I have always found it a pleasant way to fly. We have also flown in the middle two seats, and although I prefer the window/aisle option, the fact that the two seats are together, facing the same direction actually doubles up your space and makes it quite a spacious area. Regarding the climbing over, that just depends on whether the aisle passengers will sleep or not.