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Solution to scenario 1 …….Push on to Europe and Lee Marvin the FA….nothing like a few whiskies to dampen the pain! Or if she was British…a nice cup of tea!!

On the 2nd scenario…..A total judgement call, if you’re out over the Atlantic, Reykjavik is on route then Gander if the situation deteriorates….
I’m also assuming David that you’re cardiology knowledge would allow for a misdiagnosis?

On the remuneration… an expired first aider I’ve attended and dealt with a few incidents, a couple life threatening…..I didn’t even expect a thank you but hey ho, I see you point from a corporate perspective , whilst holidaying in Greece a fellow reveller slipped and thought they broke their collar-bone…….a quick trick with a 2lte fanta bottle and dislocated shoulder was fixed…..Big thank you from the victim, none from the hotel management…Not even an Ouzo…although that was the probable cause! LOL