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The low cost carriers seem to have generated continous demand for that to happen. They obviously don’t think its stupid to have flights going to every place on the planet from all UK airports.

If you lived in Manchester and wanted to go to Paris you now have to fly via London with BA. If you live in Birmingham and want to go to Frantfurt you have to fly LH or a LCC because BA don’t fly their any more.

Some people don’t look at fhe enviromental factor. They like the fact they can fly from Newcastle to Thailand via Dubai or Manchester to Hong Kong via Dubai.

BA are very cyclical in being good then the best then the worst.. The fact that last year 10 million business travellers flew on something orange means that someone out there is filling a gap that BA have missed out on.

I know for a fact now I’d rather be a shareholder of easyjet than IAG at this point in time.