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Do some really think that someone like Keith Williams is going to have time to read letters of complaint and respond to them? May be the odd one here and there but he is unlikely to respond to the 600+ that might contact him from Flyertalk. I just think that it is unreasonable to expect a response from the man.

Pat Jordan received a response, not from the man himself, but he has had a response. A few years ago I complained to customer services of P&O Cruises, when I received a rather tardy reply I wrote again but this time to the MD, only to get a response from the very person I was then complaining about a tardy reply!

When there was the changes to CE a few years back and I complained to BA, I wasn’t satisfied with the respose so wrote to WW. I wasn’t expecting a reply from him, but I did get a reply acknowledging the fact I had written to WW who apparently had asked this person to respond, but they were more senior than the person who had responded in the first place.

If every complaint went to the CEO/MD then there would be little point in having a section to deal with customer issues. It is really for the head of those departments to inform those at the top.