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CCR experience this morning:

1) lounge messy with uncleared breakfast, coffee cups etc – explanation given by “lounge dragon” is that new staff are still learning

2) just one person serving at bar who seems to have no clue as to what to do – just a single cup of coffee takes 3 requests of different people

3) no choice of crisps available any longer – plain or plain

A visit to First Lounge (in search of a copy of The Economist – without success) shows that muffins and packets of biscuits have disappeared and that indeed only plain crisps are now stocked. The manager explains that this is a deliberate move by BA. All in all, catering choice has been significantly restricted and service levels have plummeted. To what end ? The choice of packaged snacks (invaluable as emergency supplies when travelling to far flung spots) has been diminshed to one flavour of crisps and nothing else. Surely, this must be an oversight on BA’s part, not a deliberate cost-saving ploy ?

The flight that followed was on a decrepit 767 long haul, 20 year old specimen with gaffer tape repairs to seat surrounds and grimy carpets. All in all, a long way from a “premium” BA experience.