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Be Nice

Isn’t it time you changed your handle?

Avios are not snapped up, they are added to an account as an unsolicited elixir for all problems.

I have more than enough for my needs, 5,000 is neither here nor there and is irritating, as it represents a culture of pacify the customer, not build quality into the system.

Ever thought that I may take more flights than you? I have about 1,200 in the past 10 years, how about you?

I’ve probably made 10-15 complaints in that time, representing about 1.2% of journeys, hardly frequent whinging.

Or do you just have very low expectations? Like it’s okay for the airline to delay your arrival by 12 hours?

BA complaints have included

– being charged 3 times for the same ticket (which cost £4,500) and not credited until a complaint was raised and which caused an adverse impact on my credit rating, as I exceeded my cc credit limit

– being abandoned overnight, at Heathrow, because BA chose to cancel a flight and not provide a viable alternative

– a security breach

Now which of the above do you find trivial?