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Sounds like it has worked well outside of LHR, where the new caterers are an improvement on the previous offerings

As for LHR. Firstly, apologies, as I am a newly matched BA Gold, and most of my recent BA travels have been ex-LGW/LCY. However, I was pretty underwhelmed by the F lounge the last few times I’ve been (pre-changeover). Admittedly, I’ve not been there in the morning, as normally just grab something from Pret, but in the evening, just before the “last flight out”, the place looks like a tornado has hit it! Dirty tables, harrassed wait-staff, unappetising trays of slop, empty bottles of wine – and no choice of red or white the last time I went – just lots of 1/4 full bottles strewn all over the place

Yuk! Surely it can’t have got worse? In hindsight, I should have gone downstairs to Galleries…