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Currently sat in the T5 F lounge (South) – hardly a disaster really. Ordered the salmon, quite tasty and the staff were polite and courteous.

Overheard a fellow traveller at the customer service desk moaning about the new offerings. The lady from BA offered to take his details so BA could follow up. Sadly, he declined to leave a business card, so couldn’t have been that important to him, really.

Small changes I note include the lack of orange juice at the champagne bar, only one flavour of kettle chips (plain), biscuits in barrels now, no Walkers. But there is still copious amounts of champagne, wine and drink (hard and soft), still enough tea and coffee to keep travellers going and I can still pick up a copy of BT magazine.

So, for one, I am quite ok with BA’s “enhancement”. Still, if you are not, then complain and/or fly with another airline.

It is not a “disaster” in the true sense of the word.