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What is it with the constant Qantas bashing and having to leave OneWorld?

Qatar currently only serve Melbourne and Perth, so BA will still need to route to Sydney, which they might move as a LHR – Doha – Sydney service leaving the two Singapore flights to terminate or connect to Ho Chi Minh or Jakarta (both are rumors)?

However BA, Cathay and Qatar will still need access to Qantas’s extensive domestic network. Australia is still a popular business and leisure destination and not everything revolves around Sydney or Melbourne. There is a lot of connecting traffic to smaller Australian locations

Qantas used to code share with Air France on the Sydney and Melbourne routes for years, which never seemed to raise any concerns. Air Berlin is now partly owned by Etihad etc. It’s a fact of alliance life these days that carriers have to look inside and outside their alliances for passengers

Personally though I think this will be a great move and I’m looking forward to trying Qatar down to Australia