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The Games have well and truly begun.

As I’ve been hinting for some time, Qatar’s involvement in IAG is central to its future strategy.

This corporate activity is a watershed moment for IAG, and completes the funding picture to deliver an airline powerhouse – specialising in turning round underperforming airlines – which will be a tremendous boon for IAG internationally for its future internatioanl expansion plans.

It also joins the dots on the benefits of the Iberia acquisition, which apart form the short term cash in injection which was essential to British Airways’ survival, has made this investment by Qatar much more attractive for them.

The great working relationship between Al Baker and Walsh has gone a long way to seal this deal, and IAG’s proven expertise in turning round failing airlines adds a capability not seen in most other airline companies.

This move further consolidate’s Willie’s position, both at IAG and more importantly for the future, at oneworld.

IAG remains weak in Africa. I would hope to see that corrected in the longer term.