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Just ask Long Haul Crew Hippo, have you been paid by BA to spread mis-information?

Lucrative long haul routes lost to mixed fleet lets start with Pheonix and Atlanta and although there is enough work on 777 they are being trained on 400s enabling HKG and SIN to follow.

Many legacy long haul crew are being left on 24 hour stand by for days on end. This used to be a rare occurance, now it is a regular one. It is difficult to live on the basic wage – no work no allowances! Would BA stoop to psych-ops – lets examine BAs culture …

All the loopholes and loading the dice in favour of WW’s agenda can be plainly seen.

BA have been low on morals for decades, 20 years ago the competition was targeted, this resulted in serious fines for corruption and anti-competitive practices (witness Laker and Virgin dirty tricks);
BA didn’t learn the lesson, instead of becoming ethical they targeted passengers instead with further corrupt practices and price fixing – they were found out and hit with the largest fines in aviation history I believe.
BA still didn’t learn the lesson the cargo customers were next on the receiving end of their corrupt cartel – more fines.

Competitors, Passengers, Cargo clients now its own front line crew.
BA just does not learn that amoral behaviour is not a viable long term strategy.

So is it any wonder that crew faced with a company that has a long history of stacking the deck in their favour are desperate to fight against changes in procedures which would give management carte blanche. Legacy staff know their management cannot be trusted hence any deal must be watertight.

An apology and a retraction would be in order Hippo. As to Krug – strange how the various “Rumours” I have been accused of posting have ended up being true.

Krug we are still waiting on evidence to support your outrageous claim that BASSA members initated or were compliant in badmouthing Captain Burkill. The reality – which you know – was totally the converse but it does not fit with your agenda of mis-information.

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