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I have no doubt new fleet have the ability to perform as a professional bunch of chirpy cabin crew (however, there would always be the odd bad egg), just like the majority of “old contract” BA crew. And indeed, they could actually work together to equal standards quite well.

To be honest, I have never had a bad flight with BA, but my preferred ones are those where crew show initiative and have let me maximise sleep if a short flight, and know to do the extras, like top my glass of wine etc…. I recently did a return flight from the US and the dinner service took near on 4 hours and the lights kept on bright even longer. It was crewed by the mixed fleet.

I had to ask for a refill by the way…

There are subtleties that “old contract” crew have picked up over the years that have undoubtedly proven popular with business travellers and now a largely inexperienced, whilst attractive, chirpy and outwardly professional mixed crew are having to pick up on all over again.

I have also been led to believe there has been a 17%turnover of this mixed fleet since inception due to the dogged T’s & C’s and being underpaid. Surely this is is already proving a costly exercise for BA in terms of training and other related issues?

Let’s face it, there is rarely a bad BA crew. Lately, they have been let down by a savagely diminished club product. For instance, being served up a plastic container of fruit OR yoghurt for a breakfast and the crew having to assemble the offering in front of you, or indeed, having to be constantly refused my choice of meal and sometimes the starter.

This just shouldn’t happen when BA’s fares are some of the highest in the sky. How do you think crew feel who constantly have to deal with such unnecessary situations? Surely it would become altogether embarrassing and deflating. “Old contract” crew have just been doing this longer.

There is a tone set by management in any company, and one which lets the team perform as they are trained and not oversee with an iron fist, is always, in my experience the most professional whilst happy go lucky.

Simple solution.. mix the contracts and have everyone flying together. Tweak the mixed fleets T’s & C’s to bring it back from being a near death experience and in line with current crew (proffering the salary they accepted upon joining, just as that of “old contract” crew).

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