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BA initiated this dispute by imposing change without proper negotiation.. Stating this is going to happen regardless, you can talk about it but it is going to happen.. is not negotiation it is dictat.

How many legacy crew – long term crew on existing contracts have taken the offer?
Am not referring to mixed fleet (who had no choice and signed straight up to the contract), nor Open Skies (who had no choice) nor Gatwick crew recruited on lesser contracts in the first place… but those non-unionised long term crew who have/had a choice between their existing long standing contract and the new one?

Someone should have given a copy of Dale Carnegie’s book to Walsh – it may have prevented this.

Why do BA continue to blame BASSA for their own inability to lead their front line team? Effective leadership 1-0-1 is being able to influence its front line team into following by communicating a compelling vision, inspiring and motivating.
Walsh may have been an ok strategist, a man leader he was not. The current situation is as a result of BA’s failed leadership – it singularly failed to win the hearts and minds of its educated, disparate, front line team and resorted to dictat and bullying, this drove them to seek security in their union.

An effective leader –
•They are honest. This gives them credibility, resulting in the trust and confidence of their people. Credible leaders foster greater pride in the organization, a stronger spirit of cooperation and teamwork, and more feelings of ownership and personal responsibility.

•They do what they say they will do. They keep their promises and follow through on their commitments.

•They make sure their actions are consistent with the wishes of the people they lead. They have a clear idea of what others value and what they can do.

•They believe in the inherent self worth of others.

•They admit to their mistakes. They realize that attempting to hide a mistake is damaging and erodes credibility.

•They create a trusting and open climate.

•They help others to be successful and to feel empowered.

•They don’t push too much. They encourage members to do more, but know when it’s too much.

•They roll up their sleeves. They show the members they aren’t just the figurehead or decision maker. Members respect leaders more when they show the willingness to work alongside them.

•They avoid phrases that cause resentment, reluctance and resistance. For instance, instead of saying you have to do something, effective leaders request or recommend that members do something

Walsh created division and disunity, he failed on all counts barring stating he would use a stick then used the stick.

BA need a people centric leader, not an autocrat. Keith Williams looks to be making an ok start.

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