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Hmm, you seem to have missed some points disgusted.

I just did the same booking on Easy, and they charge £6 per sector booking charge that you didnt mention.

I did the same booking, same dates on Ryan Air,
fare £109 and thats including 1 bag. only other fee is a £6 per sector booking fee just like easy, so.. taking exchange rate into it, they are pretty much exactly the same.

Not sure where this “too many hidden extras to bother with” comes from, its all exactly the same with easy as with ryanair.

For myself if I was travelling from london I would probably pay the extra for a full service carrier, but as I live up north, the loco’s are almost always better as they are point to point

Just came back from venice from Leeds on FR and the fare was £21 pp return, including the tax, booking fee and all charges(hand luggage only). for a 2 hour direct flight it was perfectly acceptable and the price even more so.