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For the avoidance of doubt, here is the original question and my response

“”In the age of cutbacks, what else do you guys really expect from a short flight ?”

The same level of service that I get on Air Malta.”

Now we have had Vintage Krug and NTarrant drifting the thread by blustering about Air Malta and I have shown that their points are not correct, perhaps we can get back on thread and focus on the service levels offered by BA.

I rate Club World as a good product and have not yet had a flight where the service was less than professionally delivered. Sometimes it was much better than that, but the bottom line is that I have always got value for money.

I rate Club Europe as a sick joke and have experienced quite a few indifferent crew over the past couple of years. Eastbourne Guys post is unvalidated, but I could visuallise this happening with some of the CE crew I have had the pleasure of travelling with, like the ones who didn’t do a drinks run for over 2 hours after dinner on a 4.5 hour flight 🙁

BA needs to fix Club Europe.