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The topic seems to have gone of topic, if that makes sense! we all have our favorite Airlines for various reasons. The headline question was has BA service or standrads dropped. answer is yes but not much. In my experiance of 20 years flying, and in the past 7 years doing 4 long hual sectors per month at 35+ hours with various airlines its more a question off falling behind teh opposistion. The reasons why are another question, Certanly those that rank above do get certain advantages over BA.

imho the problems at BA are more the culture of business as a whole in the UK. The empahasis is on short term stock value and business decisions are made based on this. With a national carrier, who ever tht may be they have the advantage in thier home base of the majority share of capacity. that in itself mean that managers can either cut out costs at the front line or not invest in the latest tech as soon as its available to achieve faster savings without the risk of too much loss of custom. Post a cost cutting measure being salries, lower catering, defering a fleet refirbish and the stock rises in anticipation. Short term the share holders, usually large institutions, are happy. The managment are happy, they get thier bonuses just leaving the staff demoralised facing unsatisfied customers and passengers making posts such as this. This isnt just about BA, this is about most UK manged companies in similar situation, be they large retailers, hotel chains, or other service suppliers. You only had to look at M&S when it had the majority on the high street to see the effects, once the competition were able to break in on even terms customers voted with thier feet. In M&S case they have learned thier lesson and i for one am back shopping thier.

It also hits to the point why so many here fly, or claim to fly FC? 9k for a flight vs say 4K for a not disimilar product? that 5K that has to be saved from your, or your companies business in other areas and judging by some of the resposes here these people would be more than happy to lay those at the front end. just the same as Mr Walsh and co, leaving your staff and your customers under enthused at the product.

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