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Going back to the original post of this thread, the first two hit the nail on the head. Bang on!
Over the last few years the culture of the airline has changed. As an employee it is sad to say that the pressure on departments to meet their drastically cut budgets has led to the customer really feeling it. But, happiness at head office!!!!!…. because the budgets have been met and bonuses paid! Hurrah!
Unfortunately, they do not feel the shame that we, the customer facing staff, feel when serving up some of the crap we have to.
We hope now with a new CEO and the new ‘Head of Customer Experience’ fella from Jumeirah Group, Frank Van der Post, there may be a change of focus away from the blind slashing tactics that have led to the situation with the on board food and often lame product.

As crew, we try to do the best we can, but the tools have been taken away from us. The company’s policy is now “this is the product, give them a comment card if they want to complain”….. great for 20 year old cabin crew member with no experience who are the prefered choice now for employment at BA, but far from great for the customers who would like a solution to the problem and a depressing situation for us crew who like to solve the problem and go above and beyond to make sure you fly with us again.

Everyone is aware of the problems between cabin crew and management at the moment. Putting that to one side, do you, the cutomers, realise the anger felt by your crew at how we feel the airline is being damaged so badly by the cuts made to the product you receive? We are proud to work for BA and seeing it eroding away in front of our eyes is sad.
We know changes had to be made and money saved but there are ways of doing it. Not listening to their customer service staff on the ground and in the air has and will continue to be one of BA’s biggest mistakes.

Please write to BA for every little fault folks because they don’t listen to us.

At the moment all the joy and backslapping ‘job well done’ congratulations are happening at Ivory Towers. Lets reverse this so the customers product is A-1, then see how much money there is left for the self appreciation society lunches and bonuses.

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