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I too flew Qantas First, and as Binman62 says the cabin is not suited to partners and families travelling together. I was tempted to select 1A and 1K as we prefer these seats in BA F 747 (who doesn’t?) but it would have been a big disappointment as they are a long way from each other and partially blocked by the staircase.

Didn’t think that the 380 was any quieter than a 747 and suffered from the usual amount of turbulence.

One area that really impressed me though was the IFE. Firstly, the system was on from the moment one arrived on board and remained so until one disembarked. We were requested to leave the headsets on our seats when leaving the aircraft, with none of the BA business of shutting down the system when the seatbelt signs come on and collecting the headsets before landing. The picture quality, size of the screen and the sound is excellent. TV programmes are more than just one episode of something. I selected ‘Top Gear’ and was offered no fewer than six episodes to choose from.

The QF cabin staff lacked the usual (in my experience) BA warm and welcoming service. Pre take-off drinks were offered and served promptly, but we probably had to wait the thick end of an hour after take-off for further drinks. Good to see though that QF must have finally exhausted its stock of plastic knives as the cutlery was 100% metal on my flight!