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I’ve flown the A380 with Emirates in Y and Qantas in J. The hard product in both is really good. The food in with Emirates is Y was pretty good while the food with Qantas is nothing to write home about (with the exception of the supper service, late night out of SIN. Last week I enjoyed a Duck Shepards Pie and have had some really good Laksa in the past too).

I prefer the service on BA, no two ways about it. Best around. But the new Sky Bed from Qantas is better than Club World (in my opinion), and when you’re on a flight where you need to sleep, that’s the key consideration.

I flew three sectors on the A380 two weeks ago (the fourth down to Perth on the dreadful Sky Slide). This is the first time I’ve flown it since the “incident” last year. It was as good as ever.

Always pretty smooth. It lumbers down the runway though and it always amazes me that it manages to get off the ground.

Fabulous plane.